Our Vision & Mission


By 2020 our distinctive ability to provide the world with world-class professionals through a combined approach of academic and vocational excellence will have secured GSD a place among the top International Relations university institutes in the world.


The mission of the Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations is to produce university graduates with:

(a) the best diplomatic skills in the world and

(b) a strong humanitarian commitment.

GSD aims, moreover, at making the academic journey toward this graduation point a learning experience of exceptional stimulation, elegance and unforgettable intellectual and social encounters.

By “diplomatic skills” GSD means the full panoply of abilities needed by professionals in the fields of government, politics, law, economics, journalism, international business and humanitarian work. And by “the academic journey” we mean that time spent by students at GSD is also a highly attractive period, an end, in and of itself - quite apart from the achievement and fruits of eventual graduation.