Guest Speakers

The Geneva School of Diplomacy & International Relations is committed to bridging the gap between theory and practice in the field of International Relations. In addition to GSD's renowned faculty, serving Ambassadors and other members of the diplomatic neighbourhood, representatives from the International Organisations as well as high-level experts on cutting edge issues are regularly invited to share their invaluable knowledge and experience with the students.


Guest speakers for the Academic Year 2014-2015 included:

  • Dr. Olga Khazova, UN CRC expert; Professor at the Institute of State & Law, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia, Children Rights and Some of the Emerging Challenges
  • Dr. Bo Viktor Nylund, Senior Advisor - Corporate Social Responsibility at UNICEF,  The state responsibility to protect children’s rights, and the corporate responsibility to respect and support children’s rights in the context of business activities
  • Dr. Joseph Marques, Visiting Research Fellow, Brazil Institute at King's College in London, Update on Latin America: Domestic Pressures, Regional Relations and International Challenges
  • Mr. Babak Ali Naraghi,  Head of the Health Care in Danger Project at the Directorate of Operations, International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Health Care in Danger
  • Judge Mauro Politi, Representative of Italy in the UN Human Rights Committee; Former Judge of the International Criminal Court, Human Rights and the International Criminal Court
  • Christina Kokkinakis, Minister Counsellor, Head of Political Section - Human Rights, EU Permanent Delegation to the UN in Geneva, EUs human rights policy after the entry into force of the Treaty of Lisbon in the context of the Human Rights Council (HRC)
  • Mr. Dougal Thomson, Director of Communications & Programmes at International Publishers Association, Media in the 21st Century
  • Ms. Lisa Simeone, GMPA Secretary, Lecturer in the College and Residential Fellow, Center for the Study of Race, Politics and Culture; Doctoral Candidate, Department of Anthropology University of Chicago, Migration from African continent to the USA
  • Dr. Jean-Michel Pasteels, Independent researcher and consultant, Projections of Labour Force at the horizon 2030: Economic Consequences
  • Mr. Julien Navier, UNHCR, Division of External Relations, Diplomacy, foreign affairs and social development through International Organizations and private sector collaborative outreach
  • Mr. Remo Lalli, UN CEB- Secretary, High Level Commitee on Management, Director, Management Reform and Business Practices in the UN System
  • Dr. Imène Ajala, International Institute for Peace, Justice and Human Rights, Project Manager, Internet and Human Rights
  • Mr. Stefan G. Ziegler, NGO Management School, Consultant Trainer and Facilitator, Separation Wall between Palestine and Israel: a case study from UNRWA



Selected guest speakers during the Academic Year 2013-2014 included:


  • H. E. Amb. Petru Dumitriu, Ambassador, Council of Europe, The UN human rights mechanisms: current developments. The contribution of the Council of Europe
  • Mr. Tadese Abebe Leulseged, Counsellor, Ethiopian Mission to UN, Is Africa the new global growth pole?
  • Dr. Aymeric Chauprade, Geopolitician and historian, head of the "Revue Française de Géopolitique, editorial director of Ellipses, The new geopolitical challenges
  • H. E. Amb. Filloreta Kodra, Ambassador of Albania, International Relations in the Contemporary World. Case study: Albania
  • Prof. Patrick Taran, President of Global Migration Policy Associates, Civil society challenges in a globalized world
  • Mr. Joseph Ntreh, Finance Specialist. Responsible for India portfolio, The Global Fund, The readiness of the world's institutions to meet global health challenges (The Global Fund in financing the fight against TB, HIV/AIDS and Malaria in the world)
  • Dr. Edo Korljan, Secretary of the European Committee on Legal Co-operation and Head of the Public and Private Law Development Unit of the Directorate General of Human Rights of the Council of Europe, The right to health - for prisoners as well
  • Mr. Bohdan Nahajlo, UNHCR, The Ukrainian Crisis and its Regional and Global Implications
  • H. E. Amb. Sven Alkalaj, Under Secretary General and Executive Secretary of UN Economic Commission for Europe, 19 years after Dayton Peace Accords, and the role of the UN and other international organizations in peace and post conflict building
  • Dr. Barbara Zanchetta, Researcher at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs and visiting fellow at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy, US Foreign Policy in the Middle East
  • Dr. Nicolas Müller, Head of Federal Crisis Management Training in the Swiss Federal Chancellery, Challenges in national risk and crisis management
  • Amb.Dr. Ugljesa (Ugi) Zvekic, Ambassador of Serbia, Geneva, Calvin, geopolitical microcosm
  • Ms. Syeda Zainab Sabzwary, Independent researcher and consultant, Drone strikes in Pakistan
  • Dr. Margareta Drzeniek, Senior Economist and Director of the Global Competitiveness Network of the World Economic Forum, Measuring the competitiveness of nations
  • Dr. Edo Korljan, Secretary of the European Committee on Legal Co-operation and Head of the Public and Private Law Development Unit of the Directorate General of Human Rights of the Council of Europe, The Right to Life
  • H.E. Judge Dr. Antoine Mindua, Judge at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, Recent challenges for the international criminal justice



Selected guest speakers during the Academic Year 2012-2013 included:

  • Dr. Osvaldo Agatiello, GSD Faculty

  • Amb. Zamir Akram, Permanent Representative of the Mission of Pakistan to the United Nations Office at Geneva; GSD Faculty: "Terrorism & International Security"

  • Mrs. Katarina Ammitzboell, Senior Peacebuilding Specialist and Political Strategist: "Peacebuilding: A historical perspective" - "Peacebuilding in Reality: political constraints, the work of the UN and lessons learned."

  • Amb. Ulises Canchola Gutiérrez, Permanent Representative of the Mission of Mexico to the United Nations Office at Geneva: "Critical Reflections on the Value of International Law"

  • Dr. Nebo Dimitrijevic, GSD Faculty: "The US Presidential Election: Implications for the Middle East"

  • Amb. Benoit Girardin, Former Ambassador of Switzerland: "Challenges for Peace & Reconciliation: The Great Lakes Region Between Ethnicity and Ethics"

  • Prof. Ratna Kapur, Professor at Jindal Global Law School: "The 'Delhi Rape' and the Emerging Discourse of Security in Human Rights Law"

  • Prof. Jean-Pierre Lehmann, Professor emeritus and Founder of the Evian Group: "Geopolitics and Economics of East Asia"

  • Mr. Matthias Lüfkens, Associate Director, Social Media, at Burson-Marsteller: "Twitter Diplomacy"

  • Amb. Riek Puok Riek, Permanent Representative of the Mission of the Republic of South Sudan to the UN: "Current Challenges for South Sudan"

  • Amb. Ibrahim Saied Mohamed Aladoofi, former Ambassador of Yemen: "Diplomacy of Peaceful Change – Yemen as a Model"

  • Prof. Badara Samb, Chief, Global Outreach & Special Initiatives, UNAIDS; GSD Faculty: "HIV, Equity, Development and Diplomacy"

  • Mr. Leulseged Tadese Abese, Counsellor, Mission of Ethiopia to the UN: "The shifting global power and multilateralism"

  • Prof. WeiWei Zhang, Professor of International Relations at Fudan University and a senior research fellow at the Chunqiu Institute, China: "The China Model and Its Possible International Implications

    Amb. Luzius Wasescha, President of the Club diplomatique de Genève: "Current Challenges of Development & Trade"

  • Ms. Syeda Zainab, Independent Researcher and Consultant: "Pakistan and the Gender Dimension: a case of Hudood Laws and the Role of Media"

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