Degrees & Tailored Training


The Geneva School of Diplomacy offers Academic Degree Programmes from the Bachelor to the Doctorate level and Tailored Training specialised in International Relations and Diplomacy. Our overall objective is to educate towards both a motivation and capability to bettering the world in the fields of peace and human rights.

Our priorities therefore are to provide an excellent education that creates career opportunities, and to ensure that our students learn from industry leaders and academics at the cutting edge of diplomatic practice and international relations in a stimulating environment with small groups that supports personal development.


The aim of each of our four programmes is to form graduates who are not only academically competent at the highest standard but who have the necessary practical insight to become men and women of action informed by humanitarian values.

Academic Excellence

Excellence in learning and teaching based on diplomatic practice, trends and forecasts is as important to us as excellence in research.

Applied Learning & Professionalism

We are committed to promoting a learning experience which offers inspirational and creative teaching within a challenging applied intensive environment, inspiring students to learn and develop from their first year and encouraging them to be enterprising, humanitarian and innovative.

Student Experience

It is imperative that our excellent education is delivered in an environment that provides an exceptional student experience. Learning world-class leadership in a beautiful setting – this is the enduring “GSD experience”.


We have a responsibility as a first-class school to make our education accessible, promoting and supporting educational inclusion as one of our core values. The GSD Community is constituted by people from the most diverse backgrounds to whom we can offer the educational opportunity which will enable them to realise their full potential.


The three year study course in the Bachelor of Arts in International Relations (BA-IR) Programme is challenging, stimulating and practical. 

The BA-IR Programme aims to introduce students to the broad field of International Relations, its basic concepts, theories and methods, as well as specialised and interdisciplinary fields. Students will be trained in research, analytical, and presentation/communication skills.

The BA-IR programme has been established to cater for the interests of students seeking both a broad scholarly understanding of the way the world works, and/or for those preparing for a variety of employment options related to international careers in government, business, non-government organisations, media and international agencies.


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The Master of International Relations (MIR) Programme is a prestigious, well-rounded and challenging programme geared toward preparing ambitious students to take their place in the competitive international relations marketplace, or to prepare students for further study in the field.

The MIR Programme provides students with advanced training, by way of one year of coursework, pratical work experience (internship) and an academic dissertation, in the general methods, scope, theories, and findings in the field of International Relations. It gives a systematic preparation for original postgraduate research or for a demanding international career; and it constitutes a programme of training for those who have graduated in other fields and wish to transfer to International Relations.

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The Executive Master of International Relations (EMIR) Programme offers a distinctive interdisciplinary approach to understanding contemporary challenges affecting international relations and diplomatic issues.

The EMIR Programme is designed for busy professionals (minimum three years professional experience) from both the public and private sector who seek to earn a graduate degree in International Relations while working full-time. The programme is challenging but stimulating and practical. As the students possess significant professional experience, the course schedules are geared to run in harmony with the student’s professional obligations as much as possible. Taking classes on two Saturdays per month only, an EMIR student can complete the necessary classes in as little as one year.

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The Doctor of International Relations (DIR) Programme is the highest degree offered by the Geneva School of Diplomacy and brings together academic excellence through meticulous independent research, and real world applicability.

  • GSD DIR by Research Programme (three years) offers a unique and exciting intellectual environment for the in-depth and interdisciplinary study of International Relations and Diplomacy.
  • GSD DIR by Dossier  is awarded by GSD to leading authorities in the field of study concerned. This prestigious doctorate recognises scholarly work of high distinction, impact and originality.  


In response to the current economic situation and increased local interest the Geneva School of Diplomacy & International Relations (GSD) has developped a range of short courses and seminars for students and professionals in order to create a sustainable competitive advantage, combined with the reality of diplomatic skills and practice.

Academic Calendar and Programme Schedules