Current Students

A major School-wide initiative has been launched to deliver a wide range of co-ordinated improvement in our overall student experience.

The students really matter most initiative will ensure that our students are represented as stakeholders and partners in our academic and operational structures, and will place an emphasis upon proactive use of student feedback to shape improvements.

To support this, we are developing our own student satisfaction survey to help us gather feedback from students about all elements of their experience at GSD. The School is working closely with GSD Student Representatives as key partners to ensure that initiatives respond to the needs of our student population.

One strand of this initiative will see a number of coordinated projects to deliver excellent and inspirational learning and teaching, introducing changes and improvements to the way our education is managed and delivered. At the centre of this are improvements to the learning and teaching process, ensuring that we prioritise course enhancement development, alongside the established quality assurance processes of both GSD and all our academic partners.

The new School-wide student consolation agreement sets out clearly and simply what students can expect from their courses, facilities and the School. In turn, it sets out the responsibilities of students with regard to their course work, lecturers and training. The agreement will be strengthened by codes of practice with new and revised standards for academic and student support, attendance and assessment.

We are also introducing steps to ensure that all our students make an excellent start to their studies through induction and mentoring. The School Study Advisor Scheme makes full use of one of our most valuable resources – our students themselves. The scheme will build on examples of best practises internally and externally.

These developments are supported by investments in state-of-the-art learning and teaching infrastructure.